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Zip Tie Crown Making

I started making Zip Tie crowns after seeing the AMAZING Sun Goddess Crown Headband Instructable in 2018. This is one of my favorite simple projects to create a bold and lightweight accessory with zip ties aka cable ties.

Above is the project that inspired me (left) along with a shot of my first piece (right).

In 2019, while planning to host a Zip Tie Crown Making workshop at Burning Man, I came across so many other ways to create with zip ties. See the below instructions and inspirational photos, many from the participants at the workshop.


Materials + Tools:

  • Zip ties aka cable ties - multiple sizes work well; color doesn’t matter. If you don't have a bunch of these around, you should!

  • Spray Paint, metallics & neon colors look best

  • Cutting implement, like little snips

  • Based on the design, you might want a base, like a hair tie or a headband. Both metal or plastic headbands work, but my preference is metal. You could also 3d print one if you have a few hours.

How to make:

  1. Pick and plan for your design.

  2. Tie zip ties.

  3. If desired, spray paint, flip over, spray paint, and dry. You can also spray paint the zip ties before and/or during the process for some different effects. Check out the hat accessory below or some of the ombre effects with multiple colors.

  4. Wear!



Zip Ties + A Hair Tie:


Zip Ties + Headband, Halo edition:


Zip Ties + Headband, Lotus edition:


Zip Ties, No Base Needed:


Burning Man Workshop, 2019:


Other ideas:

These Etsy sellers have fun designs for sale that can be used as inspiration:


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