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Wedding Favors

I got MARRIED! After multiple postponements and a whole lot of covid-related stress, Shaheh and I got married on Dec 11 (12/11/21, in the US). Although we had been "planning" our wedding for about two years, it wasn't until a few months before when I was super inspired to make things for the wedding. I'll be sharing more about the wedding and what I made to make it all happen.

For now - here's more info about the Wedding Favors!

The Armenian eternity sign or Arevakhach is an ancient Armenian national symbol and a symbol of the national identity of the Armenian people. It was all over the church and the banquet hall where we celebrated and inspired many of the things I made.

For my Armenian/American wedding, I designed and printed over 300 tiny containers to hold a little piece of Lindt chocolate as a favor for our guests. I went through about 15 iterations before I ended up with this design.

The containers don't stay together on their own - I purchased custom gold foil tags and 6" elastic bowties off amazon and enlisted a bunch of family to help put these together. I even printed a few up in pink and purple for my (9yo) Junior Bridesmaids and 4yo Flower Girl.

For more information or to download STLs, see Thingiverse.


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